April 8, 2011

In the Woods by Tana French

In The Woods by Tana French is a slow paced but engrossing book. The story begins with a mystery around three children in small town Ireland. Two disappear and are never seen again. The third is found with blood pooled inside his shoes, giant scratches down his back, hugging a tree - with no recollection what happened. This boy becomes a detective and is called back to those woods when a little girl is found dead.

I began reading this book purely because the story sounded interesting. I finished the book because the characters are so deep, so totally involved, and so completely real I felt I was intimatley involved in their lives. The plot was interesting but this book, for me, was all about the people and their interactions. The murdered girls family has visible but atypical secrets. The detectives aren't perfect and the case twists in on itself but once explained makes perfect sense.

I must also give props to the author simply for her style. The writing is beautiful. And although the book felt slightly long and, in my personal opinion, the ending was not completely satisfactory (I would love others opinons), I am glad I read the book.

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  1. I read this last year and did not love it. I, like you, felt the ending was a cop out. I didn't really like the main character either. Although I agree that the writing is superb, I felt it was too long and ended up lingering. I was super disappointed.


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