April 12, 2011

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Do you ever feel like you should like an author or book just because everyone else does? It's been three years since I read a Jennifer Weiner book, and Best Friends Forever reminded me exactly why.I know there are people out there that buy everything she writes, but after my second experience with a chick-lit book that lacked any real imagination or characters I could relate to, it'll probably be longer than three years before I pick up another one. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of chick-lit. And romance. And novels about best friends. This book should have been right up my alley, but it just wasn't.

In Best Friends Forever, Addie and Valerie were best friends all through their childhood until a big incident their senior year of high school that left them not speaking to each other. Until one day after the high school reunion Val ends up on Addie's doorstep and asks for her help. The book follows their weekend long adventure as they try to figure out what happened the night of the reunion and when they do, how to avoid the consequences. Add in a couple of other strange characters (e.g., Holy Mary, a member of a religious cult) and you have your story.

I felt the characters in the book were extremely one-dimensional. Val was the blond, irresponsible one that just wanted to have fun. Addie was the sidekick, the girl who was always left behind even when trying to do the right thing. The book was also way too predictable for me but who knows, maybe I'm a good guesser. I read it quickly, not because I wanted to find out what happened to these best friends but because I wanted to move onto another book.


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