April 12, 2011

Tree Huggers by Judy Nichols

Tree Huggers by Judy Nichols is a story that will keep you guessing.  It all begins when environmentalist John Cochran and real estate agent Warren Owens are trapped inside a burning house with no way to escape.  Questions arrise around the town of Wilmington, NC.  Was this arson?  Did the arsonist know there were 2 men inside?  Was it murder?

All of this happens on Kate Dennison's first day on the job.  She is the new journalist of the Winslow Beach Beacon.  When she is assigned to dig into the arsonist story, she uncovers more than she bargained for.  Suddenly, she finds her own life in danger.

This book is really great.  It keeps you guessing the entire time... completely unpredictable.  The writing is also great.  It's very fast moving with lots of dialogue.  The chapters are divided with small newspaper clippings, to preview what's coming up.  I laughed and cried and bit my nails to nubs as I was rooting for Kate.  4 Stars.

Another great reason to pick up this book: All the royalties from the sale of Judy Nichols' books are donated to the Phoenix Employment Ministry, a faith based non profit organization that helps people in homeless shelters find meaningful work.

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