January 8, 2011

Super Life Secretcodes by Great Sun

I am generally an open-minded person. I have pretty defined views on religion and spirituality in my own life but an pretty open minded when it comes to other people's views and spirituality. I agreed to read Great Sun's Super Life Secretcodes because the premise of the book sounded intriguing - secret codes to help you change your life for the better. Who couldn't use a little help right?

This is one of the first books that i have agreed to review and just couldn't finish, which I feel terrible about but I felt like someone was standing above me saying that up is actually down, vampires actually exist, and the man who write this book was actually able to solve my problems with his spiritual superpowers. I know that sounds harsh, but it was difficult for me to read the first couple of chapters where people's problems were solved just by meeting with someone. I am open-minded, but this supernatural/psychic writing was too much for me after the first 50 pages. I tried reading a couple of the later chapters and was just as uncomfortable. And I made the decision that it may be unprofessional of me to not finish reading the book, but that risk was better than putting my mind through reading something that was so against my beliefs, judgement, and heart.

The writing was fine, but the content was not for me so I give this book just 1 star and don't in any way recommend it to anyone.

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