January 4, 2011

Steppin' Into the Good Life

Steppin' Into the Good Life, by Tia McCollors is a story about Sheila Rushmore and her journey into "the good life".  Sheila has had her share of ups and downs, but currently her life is on a downward spiral.  Her ex-boyfriend chooses to remarry his ex-wife, she is unemployed, her living situation is complicated and friends seem sparse.  Sheila decides to try to turn things around and for once, do things for God instead of herself.  Little by litte, we see God begin to touch her heart and change her ways, and the light at the end of that tunnel becomes even brighter.
The idea of this story is a good one... one of redemption and hope, however, I felt that it was not portrayed in the best of ways.  For one, Sheila is not the type of person I would want to know.  She is extremely conceded, always commenting on how "fine" she is and how any man would be lucky to have "this".  She is a total gold digger, to the end, and is not at all ashamed of it.  She makes comments about how a man's shoes determines his wages.  She uses people and then acts innocent about her intentions.
Secondly, although the writing is quick and easy to read, it is filled to the brim with cliche language that just made me roll my eyes.  The whole book is sprinkled with "one fine man", "uh-huh girlfriend" and your fair share of baby-mama-drama.
Lastly, as a Christian, I did not feel that it accurately portrayed becoming a Christian.  Sheila is constantly talking about "getting right with God", but it doesn't mention Jesus or His gospel.  The way Sheila got right with God and eventually "stepped into the good life" was by jamming to gospel music CD's while getting ready, going to a good ol' Baptist church on Sundays and Wednesdays and making a few new friends.  All of a sudden, everything started lining up for her.  It just seems a little false.  Feels like McCollors is selling something that isn't true... "come get your God and all your problems will vanish".  Highly unlikely.
I give this story 2 Stars because although the message was weak, the writing flowed well and the story was sometimes funny.

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  1. Interesting review. As the author of this book and a woman of faith who follows God and walks according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I definitely don't believe that your problems "vanish" once you come to God. Far from the truth. But I DO believe that a person's growth in God is a process....even if it is for a fictional character! Sometimes it depends on where you start. People come to know Christ in different ways...maybe it can be thru a song. God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. But I disagree that "jamming to gospel music" was one of the ways that Sheila stepped into the good life!

    However, I respect your opinion. It could be that the message in the book wasn't for you, but I know it will touch the heart of a reader who doesn't know as much about Him. One plants, another waters, God gives the increase.

    The only thing I can do is write the books that God has given me...for the people He's given me to reach. Some may roll their eyes, and for others their eyes will be opened.

    As an author I usually respond to the great reviews, but every so often, I feel it's my duty to respond to the others...this was one of those times.

    Tia McCollors


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