April 25, 2010

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

Have you ever been broke enough that you'll do something completely desperate? I have. Giving plasma my freshman year of college to pay off a $200 speeding ticket. Bad idea. Meet Stephanie Plum. A lingerie salesgirl become bounty hunter to buy a car that doesn't leak oil. A girl who wears biker shorts with oversized t-shirts and somehow looks great in them. And a girl who you root for and want to read more about.

One for the Money is a book that I've heard about for years and have had on my shelf for months. I finally read it on my flight back to DC this weekend (it's that quick of a read), and it was worth the read. Apparently I'm a sucker for strong women trying to do their own thing because I fell for Stephanie Plum just like I fell for Tracy in If Tomorrow Comes . Stephanie made me laugh as she ended up in situtations like being handcuffed naked to her shower that only she could get stuck in. The entire book is light-hearted and fun, and I'll probably pick up another Stephanie Plum story if I see one. 4 stars.

Oh and apparently this is being made into a movie with Katherine Hiegl playing Stephanie.

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  1. Keep reading Stephanie. They just get better and better. These are the ONLY books we buy in hardback. Can't wait a whole year for the paperback to be release!



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