April 24, 2010

Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean

If you like books that have good character development, this book is not for you. Palace Circle was supposed to be, "A novel that will sweep Phillipa Gregory fans off their feet." As you can probably tell from my two reviews of Phillipa Gregory books, I like a good novel mixed with history, romance, and royal betrayal. Palace Circle had potential, but for me, it missed the mark on all three.

It's a book written about an 18-year old Southern beauty who is swept off her feet by an older English Vicount before World War II. She moves into the palace circle, finds out that affairs are the norm, and is moved with her husband to Egypt just as she finds someone to start her own with. And her story ends right there. The book could have been great if the author would have just followed Delia's story for the rest of the book but instead it is broken into three different "books." The first follows Delia (the Southern beauty), the second follows her oldest daughter, and the third follows the son of an Egyptian leader. A hundred pages is not long enough to develop any store well enough in my mind, or at least not in this book. After Delia's story was over, I lost all interest and just skimmed through to get to the end.

Potential, yes. Delivery, not even close. 2 stars.

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  1. Hi. I'm CJ.... If I would like to try any Historical fiction, what would be ur recommendation??


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