April 7, 2008

The Visitation by Frank Peretti

Last week I posted a review of Peretti's book with Ted Dekker, House. Like I said there, I didn't really care for it. All of Peretti's books I've read have been fine and dandy, but the one that I loved was The Visitation.

The Visitation is set in a small town in Washington which is full of interesting characters of all types. The main character, Travis, is a worn-out ex-preacher who just wants everyone to leave him alone about the whole religion thing.

Then things start happening. At the Catholic church, the crucifix starts crying, with tears able to heal people. The likeness of Jesus is seen in the sky and even in the mildew of a worn-down hotel. A new man, Brandon, comes to town, healing people of all sorts of problems which draws people from all over. Could this be Jesus? Travis and the minister who replaced him are left to try to figure out the mystery about who Brandon is and what is really going on in their town.

What I so greatly love about this book is the flashbacks to his past. Peretti does a lot to show what events in Travis's past got him to where he is today. He's got plenty of reasons to reject the church that he had given his all for.

This is a fast read that I had a hard-time putting down. There is a great mix of human interest and thrill. The cast of characters is interesting, and the twists sometimes unexpected. I thoroughly recommend this book!

(Oh, they've also made a movie of this book. I don't recommend it. In order to make it an appropriate length, they had to cut out all of Travis's flashbacks. They've also made other changes that I think make it worse, not better.)


  1. I really enjoyed it as well. I visualize while I read, and some of those scenes really creeped me out (and that's hard to do).

    I watched the movie, and there were too many things left out or changed, so it irked me.

  2. I definitely have to read this. I loved his "Darkness" series, though I found The Prophet disappointing. That's the most recent of his I've read.


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