January 26, 2012

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab: by Fiona Ingram

Whisked away on a short vacation with their aunt, cousins Justin and Adam find themselves on a tour in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Both cousins admire Mr. Kinnaird, an English archeologist, who suddenly went missing on a dig while investigating the ancient legend of the Scarab King. Fueled by these accounts, Adam convinces himself, along with his cousin, that there is adventure to be found in Egypt and treasure that is just waiting to be uncovered. While following their beautiful tour guide, Laila, the boys are approached by an unusual peddler outside the museum in Memphis. This odd looking man gives them three wooden scarabs in exchange for no money and utters odd words like “son of fire and light”, catapulting the boys suddenly into a real-life Indiana Jones adventure movie.

The book continues to pick up the pace as Adam and Justin begin to find clues connecting these plain looking scarabs with Mr. Kinnaird’s mission and the tomb of the Scarab King. Being chased by men dressed in dark robes, uncovering secrets of the dark Dr. Khalid, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department, and inching closer to the location of the Scarab King’s tomb are just some of the details that continue to pour out of the pages of “The Secret of the Sacred Scarab” and will leave young readers mesmerized. As danger becomes a reality for both boys, their aunt and feisty grandmother begin to worry and slowly connect the dots, aiding these youngsters on the quest of their life.
Fiona Ingram creates the first book in the Chronicles of the Stone and “The Secret of the Sacred Scarab” does not disappoint. While adding in facts about Egyptian culture and history, I did not even notice that this book was a learning tool until after the last page. Laila, the tour guide, provides factual information about hieroglyphics, ancient culture, and the practices of the pharaohs and their priests. Stemming from Ingram’s trip to Egypt as a child, this novel imbeds history into the core of the adventure. Although simple in language and obvious plot details foreshadowing future action, this book is perfect for young readers, male and female alike. Adam and Justin are typical boys, and filled with imagination and a spirit thriving for adventure they invite other young readers on their remarkable escapade. Ingram excels at combining a foreign culture with an interesting plot and details that will jumpstart any child’s imagination.

4 stars

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