January 26, 2012

The Pleasure of My Company

The Pleasure of My Company is a comedy novela written by the hilarious and smart Steve Martin.  I got this one off Amazon for only $1 through some special offer... looked good, funny guy, why not?

The book follows a single 20 or 30 something (depending who he's talking to), Daniel, through his mundane daily life.  He suffers from massive, compulsive OCD.  His OCD keeps him in a world that is a tapestry of rules, regulations and ridiculousness.  He can't step off curbs, he's a pathological liar and he obviously can't hold a job.  He holds long conversations in his mind and has truths that are the truth to only himself.

This book is really well written, and it's funny.  Even though the entire book pretty much takes place inside Daniel's mind, it is not boring or slow moving.  There's not much dialogue, but with a brain like Daniel's, not much is needed.  This is one of those stories that's weird and you have to turn the page out of pure curiosity.

The book also has a beautiful twist that redeems it completely.  In fact, the last 10 pages made it for me.  For that, I give it 3 stars.

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  1. This sounds interesting to me, I may give it a try! Just out of curiousity, why only three stars? Nothing negative jumped out in the review, so I'm curious why it didn't score higher.

    1. You know, it wasn't FANTASTIC. It was interesting and quirky, but I wouldn't run out and recommend it really. It's smart and good... just not great. But like I said, the last 10 pages... I almost gave it 4 stars.


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