January 12, 2011

A Woman and Her Workplace by Rosemary Flaaten

I, as are many of us, am a working professional. I work in an office of about 150 people and have great relationships with some of my colleagues, good relationships with others, and a little less friendly relationships with others. I wouldn't say that I have a bad relationship with anyone that I work with, but there's always room for improvement in any relationship. And for that reason, I was pretty excited to review A Woman and Her Workplace by Rosemary Flaaten. I'm always happy to read and learn things that will help me out at work.

And I really think this book will help me out. It is full of practical advice, especially for women, in working in a workplace full of other men and women. The book is broken into topic specific chapters like building relationships, pride, anger, being part of a team, being or not being a boss, and working with men and working with women. In the short 200 pages I found myself thinking oh that's so true numerous times as I read the true-life stories of other professionals trying to get along in their own work lives.

The writing is simple, full of stories, and to the point. It's also filled with practical advice that I feel like men and women alike could use in building better relationships at work. I would recommend this one to anyone really but especially anyone who works with other people on a regular basis. I think we could all stand to be a little more humble, optimistic, and celebratory of our colleagues. This book can help you get there. 4 stars.

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