January 12, 2011

Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult

If you read my reviews about My Sister's Keeper and Nineteen Minutes you'll notice that Jodi Picoult is probably one of my favorite all-time authors. Mostly because she is really an incredible writer. Even if I don't love the book, I always admire the way she can get you into the head of all of the characters, heroes and villians alike. Really she can make you question who really is the hero and the victim in each of her books.

Handle with Care is no different. I still was given a glimpse into the life and views of each of the characters, but I wasn't as intrigued or attached to this story as I've been to others. Handle with Care is about a family whose daughter has a disease where her bones literally can break when she sneezes, hence the title of the book. The family really just can't do anything a normal family could do; in fact, on a trip to Disneyworld she slipped on a napkin and broke both of her femur bones. Maybe that's why I had a hard time with this book, I just couldn't imagine something so miserable. I'm sure it really happens, but it was really hard for me to imagine this little girl that could just snap in half with a pat on the back.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I didn't love this book. I was actually okay with it (still didn't love it) until the very end. Which. I. Hated. And I don't hate many books. I thought the end of the book completely ruined the rest of the book for me so I don't recommend this one to anyone. Picoult has so many great books out there, don't waste your time on this one. 2 stars.


  1. I tried to leave a comment on your other blog but your word verification isn't working. You can see the word but it doesn't have a box to type ... you may have to change it to a pop out or turn the verification off.

    ... here was what i said.

    lol that is way too funny!! I kind of had a similar situation when I was in jr. high. Thanks for making me laugh. :D Thanks for hopping with us for Mommy Madness! Hope you have a great weekend! I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. This story, as you'll read in other reviews and the synopsis, is about a family dealing with their youngest daughter's affliction with osteogenesis imperfecta which causes brittle and easily broken bones. Willow, so named by her mother who wanted to give her a legacy of something that would bend and not break despite her husband's protestation that willows weep- here Picoult gives such a combination of foreshadowing because Willow turns out to be an amazing, strong little character with such a love and longing for all the amazing things in the world.


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