May 10, 2010

The New Rules for Mortgages by Dale Robyn Siegel

I initially agreed to review The New Rules of Mortgages because honestly I know nothing about buying a house or getting a mortgage, and I thought that this book would help out a beginner like me. And it did.

The book is broken into eleven different chapters full of extremely useful information for both a complete novice when it comes to mortgage related terms and someone that is a little more familiar with the information. The information includes things as simple as to what makes up your credit score to advice on the best type of loan for your situation and how the loan process actually works. I found the book very helpful in learning how the process works and what a lot of different things (e.g., fixed price versus adjustable) loan meant. However, there were also a lot of parts of the book that went right over my head because I'm a bigger to the language used so there were sections that I just skimmed altogether because I knew I wouldn't need information on getting a mortgage with a bankruptcy on my record for example.

Overall, I found this book to be very informative, and I'm glad I read it. While it was a little dry at times, Siegel did a good job of keeping most of the information relevant and concise. And now when I'm watching HGTV or listening to people talk about buying a house, I might actually know what they are talking about. I recommend this book mostly to beginners to the mortgage process and anyone who is trying to get a handle on things before even beginning to apply for a loan/mortgage. 4 stars.

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