March 25, 2009

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

I read this book because I wanted to better understand the Emergent Church movement, but it hasn't really helped. There were several things that made me raise an eyebrow (probably literally, I tend to view reading as a discussion), but nothing particularly enlightening. There were a couple of good points, but they weren't worth reading this book albeit short.

When looking at what others have said about this book, I came across this:

"There are many, many books that are far better, far more scriptural and far more challenging than this. Velvet Elvis is not a particularly bad book - it’s just not very good. So why waste your time and money?"

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on it. There's nothing to rail against, but neither is there nothing really to laud, either. I'd say pass, unless you're just super interested in reading everything put out by the emergent church movement.

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