January 31, 2009

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Kiss is the story of Shauna, the 28-year-old daughter of the leading presidential candidate, who wakes up from being in a accident-induced coma for 6 six weeks. At least that's what she's told...she can't remember a single thing from the last 6 months. Being kept in protection on her father's estate and helped by a boyfriend she doesn't remember, Shauna begins to get suspicious when her housekeeper warns her that her boyfriend is not a trustworthy man, and she has two incredibly vivid dreams of situations she knows little about: football and the war in Iraq. How could she have these dreams, and is everything really as it seems?

Kiss is by the author of one of my favorite trilogies. Dekker also wrote another collaboration, House, that I didn't particularly care for. I was looking forward to this book, because it sounded fascinating, I had heard good things about it, and I expect great things out of this author.

Kiss is full of page-turning suspense, action, twists, and dialogue, as Shauna seeks to discover the secret she had learned that led to her accident and avoid being killed because of it. Though this is an intriguing story, it didn't capture me quite like I expected. Though there were plenty of twists, I expected them by the time they came. Perhaps it's the influence of the books I've been reading lately, but I didn't particularly care for the fast-pace and would preferred to have a slower pace really getting into Shauna's character and her relationships with the others, especially her brother and father.

For those who like thrillers and suspense, I think you will enjoy this book.


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  2. Hello. I've read it recently. And I'm so disappointed. I expected more from this book.


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