December 22, 2008

Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Now that I've completed all 6 of Jane Austen's main works, I've moved on to her minor works. The first one that I read was Lady Susan.

Lady Susan is a book written in the form of a series of letters, which is actually a quite comical style. The plot moves right along, and it's entirely revealed through what the characters write, so it's interesting to see the different angles. Lady Susan herself is a widow living off several of her relatives and not-quite relatives (her late husband's family). Though she's not especially pretty and obviously past her prime (in her 30s!) with a daughter who is of marriable age, she somehow is still able to attract young men to her and her daughter's side, whom she's not especially fond of.

Lady Susan makes for a light afternoon read, being under 100 pages long. Obviously there's not much to it, but I think that any Austen fan would enjoy it.

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