December 17, 2008

Dangerous Heart by Tracey Bateman

Dangerous Heart by Tracey Bateman is actually the third book in a series titled Westward Hearts. The other two books are Defiant Heart and Distant Heart and each book can be read independtly from the other. I picked this book up because I have read other books by Tracey Batmen and enjoyed them.

Dangerous Hear follows a girl named Ginger, a daughter of an outlaw, as she tires to extract revenge for her brother's death but, of course, she ends up falling in love with the man she believes responsible.

I found the book to be pretty predictable, but that did make it to be an easy book to read. My only real complaint is that the ending seemed a little rushed. One moment Ginger and Grant are fighting and the next they are engaged to be married. I would have liked to have read some romance and courting scenes. While this is not my favorite book by this author, it was worth the read.

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