November 6, 2008

Culturiffic! by Matt Hudson

I got a PDF version of Culturiffic for a blog tour, which made it a little harder for me to read and enjoy, but I still did. The book is all about revamping your business culture to be one like "Disney's" as he puts it. The book goes through step by step instructions on how to recreate your work culture from the inside out to make for better service. One of my favorite parts of the book is about realizing that your compeition in the world is not only your like competitors but everyone else out there. So every mall in the store is competing against every other store, not just American Eagle versus Abercrombie.

Throughout the book, Hudson uses real life examples to prove his point of how each different idea has worked in some corporate culture. He uses both examples and humor to get his point across in a fun and accessible way. I really enjoyed this book because it was so applicable to my own job. I work both with internal and external clients and was able to see how much the points in his book could be effective. I would definitely read something else written by him and hope to be able to use the ideas from his book in my own daily profession.

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