May 20, 2012

TIME's Disasters That Shook the World

TIME Disasters That Shook the World
Reviewing Disasters That Shook the World is an interesting experience.  I think humans have a fascination with disasters and while you can't really "enjoy" reading about them, this publication by Time made the learning about them interesting albiet brief.

As a history teacher, I know how important it is to talk about accomplishments and failures.  History is made of mistakes and, really, we should be glad for them as these disasters shaped future safety measures and awareness.  The subjects include Disasters at Sea, Disasters in the Air, and Fire Disasters amoung others. 

The articles include many pictures and are a general overview.  Of course there is more to each of these stories but as far as a 'magazine-esque' book goes, I was pleased.  If anything it made me go further and look up some more about some of the stories. 

I recommend this for anyone intersted in history and anyone looking for a quick interesting read.

4 Stars.
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