May 20, 2012

Baroness by Susan May Warren

A coming of age story set in the Roaring Twenties, Baroness tells the story of two daughters of fortune determined to follow their dreams no matter what happens on the way. Rosie is determined to become a star on the newly energy silver screen and all Lilly wants to do is return to Montana to live on the ranch her family left so long ago. Neither realized the pathway to their dreams would be filled with so much pain, heartache, and of course, men.

This book was just okay. I started out really liking Lilly, the sort of nerdy, head in the clouds woman who was trying to avoid the incoming flapper era her cousin Rosie was trying to force on her. But I quickly found myself feeling that both women were both extremely ignorant and spoiled, shown time after time in their actions, and I just couldn't relate as they both did things in their lives that intentionally hurt those that loved them just to chase after a guy who didn't care about them. The plus side is that the writing was good, the characters were well developed (I just didn't particularly care for them), and the story is an interesting and unpredictable one. 3 stars.

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