May 31, 2008

Discuss Trudy's Promise with Marcia Preston!

This month we have the special opportunity to actually discuss our monthly book reading with the author herself! Join us during the month of June for our reading of Trudy's Promise by Marcia Preston, and after reading it, we will be able to share our thoughts and questions with Ms. Preston through emails.

However, we are on a sort of tight schedule, as she will be out of the country starting June 15. I know it is kinda last minute, but I don't want to miss out on such a great opportunity!

If you would like to join our reading, but won't be able to do it before the 15th, let us know, and perhaps we can have a "Part 2" discussion at another date.

Curious about the book? Here's the summary from the back cover:

An act of desperation divides a mother and her child. Only an act of faith can reunite them.

Trudy Hulst has no idea if her husband survived his attempted escape past the newly constructed Berlin Wall. But she knows too well the consequences of his actions. Now branded the wife of a defector, she faces a life in prison. With no real choice, she is forced to follow, praying she can find a way to claim their child once she's in West Berlin.

Trudy survives a harrowing break for freedom...only to learn her husband was shot during his escape. Terribly alone, she wanders the wall like a ghost, living for brief glimpses of her son, now out of reach behind barbed wire and armed soldiers. Desperate to regain her child, Trudy begins a journey that leads her to America, where she continues an odyssey of hope to find her son.

Another book of Ms. Preston's that we have reviewed is Butterfly House.


  1. I think this is so cool. I love that we live in such a connected world that we can talk to the author herself!

    I'll probably be finishing the book up today, so I'm good with discussing it early.

    Jacki, should we email you the questions we have for Ms. Preston, or should we post them here?

  2. Guess I need to get the book and read it quickly. I'll try to make it to the library tomorrow and get started.

  3. I just bought the book and am excited to start reading it.

  4. Well, I went to the library today to get the book, but they didn't have it. It's on order and they could let me know when they receive it. That's great but it doesn't do me any good now. So, i guess I won't get to join in the discussion. :(


Thanks for joining our discussion of this book!

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