June 2, 2008

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

So this was the third book I've read by Jodi Picoult, and I was little disappointed. It was okay but not what I've come to expect from her writing. It was like the title says, plain. Here's a quick synopsis from the website:

"Moving seamlessly from psychological drama to courtroom suspense, Plain Truth is a fascinating portrait of Amish life rarely witnessed by those outside the faith. When a young Amish teen hides a pregnancy, gives birth in secret, and then flatly denies it all when the baby's body is found, urban defense attorney Ellie Hathaway decides to defend her. But she finds herself caught in a clash of cultures with a people whose channels of justice are markedly different from her own… and discovers a place where circumstances are not always what they seem."
I was very intrigued and hoping it would be another page turner, but I honestly was just bored. Maybe it's because I don't find the Amish lifestyle particularly relative to me, but I basically skimmed the last quarter of the book to find out what happens in the end. I won't ruin it for you, but the end of the book was somewhat of a letdown for me as well. I was hoping for more twists and turns as I found this novel actually pretty predictable.

I still really enjoy Jodi Picoult's writing and will definitely continue reading her work, but this wasn't one of my favorites. It was okay but definitely not a must-read for me.


  1. I've picked up and put down that book several times. I am just not into reading books about the Amish life, either.

  2. I liked this book, but it wasn't Picoult's best. But I also have an interest in Amish life, so that probably helped me enjoy it more.


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