March 1, 2012

Tides of Love by Tracy Sumner

After being gone for ten years, Noah has returned to his childhood and the past that has haunted him for so long. And Marielle-Clare, the woman who has haunted his dreams. Elle was infatuated with Noah all growing up and was heartbroken when he left in their teens. Ten years without a word has led up to this moment when Noah returns and runs into Elle for the first time. Will Elle be able to prove that she's grown up that she's moved on and will Noah be able to avoid his past and this gorgeous woman?

I love a good romance and this was definitely a good romance. The book begins with Elle, Noah, and his brothers in their childhood and quickly moves to present time when Noah is moving back to North Carolina to supervise a short-term project. Noah runs into Elle on day one and while both have definitely grown up, there is palpable chemistry between the two. The book quickly heats up (including a couple of steamy scenes) as they both try to prove they don't need each other.

I really enjoyed this book, especially the two main characters. I may be a little biased because one of my best friends is named Marielle and I've never seen or heard that name anywhere else, but I loved how feisty and tough Marielle was and how Noah seemed like he was tough on the outside but was really sensitive and cared about those around him. The plot was believable and the author kept it moving along quickly. Definitely worth reading if you enjoy romance with the warning that there are a couple of sex scenes. 4 stars.
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  1. Thanks for the review. Noah is the favorite character of all I have created. A sexy nerd. :) I love him!


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