March 28, 2012

Superbia 2 by Bernard Schaffer

If you haven't read anything by up and coming writer Schaffer, you really should.  Like now.

Back in January I reviewed Superbia (find the review here) and I knew there would have to be more to the story.  I never expected Schaffer to whip up something so quickly and for it to be of such excellent quality!  I was ecstatic when he contacted me about reviewing the sequel.

This story continues right about where the last one left off.  Frank is back on the streets, seeking drug pushers, fighting the bad guys and trying to be the father and husband he can.  Unfortunately, the new Chief of Police, Erinnyes, is a real SOB and doesn't let him breathe.  On top of all his detective duties, Frank is thrown into patrol too.  Frank has to find a way to keep up with all of his responsibilities and fight the office politics that keep pushing him around every corner.  As the pressure cooker heats up, Frank needs to find a way out... but it isn't the way you'll EVER expect!

I loved so much about this book. The writing was easy to read and flowing.  The characters each had unique voices that I felt I could actually hear.  I felt like I was building a relationship with Frank and I wanted him to succeed even when it wasn't right.  This story is unique from most crime fiction books. The crime is only a secondary plot.  The primary theme of these books is the life of a police officer... the day-to-day and the office BS that comes along with it.  I really respect the honesty in the grit.  Schaffer isn't afraid to show the ugly side.

Schaffer is quickly becoming my "go-to" writer.  I can EXPECT him to deliver a killer book.  His writing is effortless and seamless... never pretentious or fluffy.  He enjoys playing with his readers... he brings you so far and then leaves you hanging, which always makes me scream, "WHHHAAT?!?!".  This makes me both love him, and want to punch him in the face a little.  But that makes for some excellent writing!

5 Stars.

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I received a complementary copy of this book for the purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion. 
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