February 3, 2012

An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser

Lucy Scarpelli wakes up one morning to find out her family is being evicted from the only home she's ever know in New York in just one week. How will they ever find somewhere they can afford in that time? Where there's a will there's a way, and Lucy has more will than most. Determined to protect her family, Lucy searches the city for a place to live without realizing that the place she finds will also be the key to a new life.

An Unlikely Suitor is the story of three women - Lucy, Lucy's new socialite friend Rowena, and Lucy's younger sister Sophia - who are all trying to find their place in a world filled with rules, challenges, and romance. The three are all very different from each other while all longing for the same thing, to be accepted and loved by someone. Unfortunately that love comes for each of them from a place that is against all of those rules that define how society should work. So each woman will need to decide what to follow - their family advice, society's rules, or their heart.

The story that plays out is an enjoyable, although fairly predictable, one. The writing was good and easy to read but I did find that while I liked each of the women somewhat, they all seemed one-dimensional to me. They were defined as characters by their main flaw, which didn't add to their appeal or really make me want to side with any of them. So good, but not great. 3 stars.

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