February 11, 2012

Deadly Reflections by D. H. Sayer

by BethW

Deadly Reflections by D. H. Sayer is a horror book in the style of Dean Koontz or Stephen King. In other words, it's a great story.

Justin Wells in new to town and living in squalid conditions with his severly depressed father. As a result, he is self sufficient and has matured quickly. In school, he falls for Sarah Ellis who just broke up with her hockey jock boyfriend, Brandon Tate. This is the story of normalcy within the horror. Brandon is horribly jealous while Justin and Sarah slowly fall for each other.

While life continues for these high school students, a hobo is protecting a horrible secret. Once his secret gets out, people start to die. Justin and Sarah try to stay one step ahead of the horror while trying to get answers to stop it.

Sayer has done a great job intermingling a story of normalcy, teenage love, and horror. So many horror writers forget to include the personal stories of the characters invlolved while writing about whatever is menacing the same characters. Because of this, the reader gets attached to the characters, which make the loss and "horror" part of the story even better. Sayer has a great writing style that flows and captures the reader and keeps the reader hooked.

I really enjoyed this story. I would read it again and recommend it to not only my fellow horror readers but those who don't read this genre as well. He does such a great job of manifesting the scary bits without being vulgar or bloody, while being scary that anyone can read this.

I give this three stars out of five.

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