December 27, 2011

The Bastard by Brenda Novak

Jeannette Boucher, a young French beauty from a family left penniless by the revolution, must marry against her will to save them all from ruin. But almost immediately after the vows are spoken, she learns that her old English husband is impotent-and in his desire for an heir, he plans to compromise her in the worst way. Determined to escape such a fate, she stows away on one of His Majesty's frigates. But a woman alone is in constant danger.
To Lieutenant Treynor, honor means everything....
Born a bastard to a wayward marquise, Lieutenant Crawford Treynor was given to a poor farmer to raise and was maltreated until he ran away to join the Royal Navy. Treynor is determined to prove he's as good as any other man and rise to captain his own frigate. But once he finds Jeannette aboard The Tempest he must decide whether to return her to the man he knows would abuse her-or risk everything, even his life, to keep her safe.

While this book wasn't incredible, it was a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed both the main characters - Treynor and Jeannette - and how powerful they both were in their own way. There is definite sexual tension between the two of them and I have to warn you, there is a little bit of sex in the book as well as Jeannette and Treynor work together to protect each other. And unlike most romance novels there was actually quite a bit of plot to this one as well as Treynor tried to come to terms with his relationship with his mother as well as his relationship with Jeannette. 3 stars and recommended for someone who likes a good romance.

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