November 14, 2011

Something Witchy This Way Comes by Veronica Blade

Tessa is your average high school senior.  She gets good grades, has good friends and is a good girl.  She has a kid sister that she absolutely adores, and takes most of the responsibility for, since her parents have sort of checked out.  While they're there to pay the bills and keep the fridge stocked, they aren't there for much of anything else.

One day Tessa gets called into the principals office to be informed that she's in danger.  The principal assigns the rudest and biggest player and straight up bad boy in school to play bodyguard for Tessa... only problem is, he's insanely hot.  Normally she wouldn't think twice about going for a guy like Hayden, but as they begin to hang out more, their chemistry begins to ignite.

Tessa also learns some life changing news during her visit with the principal.  Turns out, she's a witch.  She's got super special abilities, like reading minds, telekinesis and blocking... amongst other things.  She begins working with her principal (also a sorcerer) to develop her skills and learn about her abilities.  Things begin to heat up when she learns that there are two sides to every story.

She must choose between two sides... good versus evil... but which is which, she can't tell?  She must decide and pledge her allegiance to the right side before her 18th birthday, but choosing wrong could cost her her life.  In her journey to pick a side, she uncovers mysteries about herself, her family and Hayden that puts her life in danger... and time is running out.

I really really enjoyed this book.  I mean, is there anyone that doesn't enjoy a good YA Fantasy?  And, I'm not afraid to admit it... I loved Twilight... yeah, I'm that girl.   What I loved about this book was that it dove straight into my emotions.  When she and Hayden had a steamy scene, I felt it too.  When she was getting into trouble, I was biting my nails.  When she discovered truths, I gasped and even cried.  It was a great emotional roller coaster... and with the fun of the fantasy stuff thrown in.

What I didn't love about the book was that there was a bit too much teenage girl doubting questioning drama... "I like him, but he's a jerk, but he's so cute, but he's gonna break my heart, but he's sometimes sweet, but..."  It's like every other page Tessa would decide to either love or hate Hayden forever.  I wanted to scream DECIDE ALREADY!  But, that's oh so typical teenage girl behavior, isn't it?  The other thing, being a Twilight fan, it's hard not to compare.  There were some similarities... as I also found in Hush, Hush and Shiver.  I just would LOVE to find a YA Fantasy that was waaaaay out there... with nothing, nothing, nothing to remind me of Edward and Bella's epic love story.

This book was great fun.  I peeled through it.  4 Stars.

If you're interested in learning more about Something Witchy This Way Comes by Veronica Blade, you can join the Veronica for an author chat on November 18 at 8pm EST.  She'll be giving away a copy of her book and answering questions live via chat.  Sounds like fun!  I'll be there!

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