September 24, 2011

Wired, by Douglas E. Richards

Wired tells the story of David Desh, and his fight to learn the truth about a mysterious woman with the power to undo -- or save -- the world.

Plot: David Desh got out of the special forces after a mission gone terribly wrong. He's brought back by an old friend to find Kira Miller, a scientist who the U.S. government believes is in bed with terrorists and working on a plot to unleash Ebola worldwide. As the story unfolds, David learns nothing is as it seems and the book becomes about much more than an attempt to infect the world with Ebola.

This book is sci-fi and thriller all rolled into one. There were parts of the book that were a little too scientific for me, and parts where the science got a little outlandish, but the suspenseful storyline kept me turning the pages.

Characters: David and Kira make a great pair. Though, for as smart and well-trained as David is supposed to be, he was fooled by Kira and the other villains quite a lot leading up to the end. I wanted him to be a little smarter and to out-think them a little more throughout. Kira is believable as a highly qualified scientist who is just trying to understand why she's in the cross hairs of an evil plot by an unknown villain. There are also some great supporting characters, including an affable hacker and a decorated colonel.

Structure: After reading several books that were heavy on narrative, this book was refreshing with the amount of dialogue the author used. The plot unfolds through several lengthy conversations between the characters, and while dialogue can sometimes be unwieldy, this dialogue was perfect for helping me understand what was going on, but keeping the book moving.

If you're looking for something that moves quickly and keeps you up all night, I'd check this one out. 3 stars.

*I received a free electronic copy of the book for purposes of this review, but the opinions shared here are my own.*

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