August 20, 2011

Trees Cry for Rain by Jeri Fink

I began Trees Cry for Rain thinking it would be another time shifting historical fiction novel.  That it would be good, but not awesome.  Wow - I was wrong.  From the very opening pages, I was gripped.  The story begins with a family in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.  They are Jews who are desperately pretending to be Christians.  They are betrayed, the parents are sent to prison, and the children have to flee.  The story switches gears after that and we meet modern day New Yorkers who are connected somehow - to each other, and to the horrible persecutions of the past.  It's difficult to say more than that without divulging too much but believe me - this is one powerful book.

The transitions between time periods and characters are seamless.  The scene descriptions and background inclusions are beautiful and always a positive.  The characters are deep and reach out from the pages to grab your heart.  The sheer amount of research that had to happen for this novel blows my mind.  I followed the characters on their journey and found it all to easy to see their surroundings, to feel their emotions, and to worry for their fates.  This novel has all of the components of an epic success - strong characters, engrossing plot, and gripping themes.  I look forward to future works from Ms. Fink!

5 Stars!


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