July 12, 2011

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles Book One) by Rick Riordan

First I must admit that I have been a longtime fan of Rick Riordan and his Heroes of Olympus series is fantastic. I was excited to read his new series and had very high expectations. And Mr. Riordan - you did not disappoint!

I love Egypt and have ever since I was a kid. I think the whole civilization is fascinating and went into this book hoping I would get a healthy does of Egyptian lore and myths. Oh I did - and it was awesome.

The book follows the quest of Sadie and Carter Kane to rescue their father from a very angry Egyptian god. They have to navigate new magical abilities, commune with other gods, and fight demons of all kinds. There are twists and turns and shockers galore all cramed in with great action sequences and terrific dialouge. The only part of the book I have any negative comment on - and its not even really negative - is that the chapters switch back and forth between the two kids and in the beginning was slightly confusing. Once I got used to the characters, though, it was a lot easier to follow and I truly began enjoying the different viewpoints and sibling banter.

This is a fantasic addition to the YA genre and a great read for adventure lovers of all ages. 5 stars!

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  1. I truly enjoy this book. I found myself smiling at familiar brother and sister moments, giving excuses for why I had to read just a few more pages, and chearing the heros on as they faced one terrifying foe after another. I think I even enjoy this series more than the first! As a first person account, some of they kitchy dialouge occasionaly becomes anoying, but otherwise the book is very well writen.


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