May 5, 2011

Working it Out: A Journey of Love, Loss and Hope by Abby Rike

This is a real-life story of a woman whose life was forever changed when she lost her loving husband and her two young children in a tragic car accident. When I first heard about this book, it was portrayed as a story of a woman, who went through a tragic event, turned to food for comfort, and describes her journey through grief and from obesity, via the reality show, The Biggest Loser. I have never watched the show before, but very recently happened to catch one episode and was intrigued by it.

Perhaps, I was drawn to this book, because I wanted to be inspired to push myself beyond my own mental barriers and exercise and be more healthy. But what I got in return was so much more! I could not put it down!! I don't think I had a clear expectation of what I wanted to read in this book, but I was thinking it was going to be all about the show, physical endurance, and overcoming physical obstacles, etc. Working it Out by Abby Rike took me completely by surprise. This book showcased the steadfast and complete faith that Abby had in God, and the more beautiful part of her journey, for me, was her spiritual one. You cry, you laugh, you find yourself rooting for Abby, you ponder your own faith, and you embrace her life story. Her conversational style makes you feel as if she were telling you the story in person, and her resilience and her positive personality shine through. She has a great support network of loving parents, wonderful community and an unbreakable faith that helped her go through this incredible journey. Abby's story is one of love, strength, courage, wisdom, sheer will and pure faith. This book is a testament to the importance of faith and its power in the darkest hour. 

The show, The Biggest loser, played a part - the catalyst - for the physical and emotional changes that she had to make or needed to make. But that was only a part of it. What she gained out of this journey was an increase of her pure faith, hope - not just for herself, but for others who were also struggling through various things in their lives, and a determination to continue to help others by sharing her story. Truly inspirational read!

I received this book for the purpose of review.

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