May 29, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury

What would you do if your child, one that you'd adopted years ago, was now being taken away from you to be returned to his biological parents? What would you do if the law said you had no choice because the adoption was a fraud? What would you do if you knew the biological father was just released from prison for physical abuse? Would you just turn your child over for possible harm....or would you run to save your little family?

These are the questions facing the Campbell family in Like Dandelion Dust. Joey Campbell is the pride of his parents, the perfect child even. When his biological father gets out of prison and declares Joey's adoption a fraud, the proceedings begin to get Joey returned to his biological parents. After a series of visits with his biological parents where Joey returns scared to death, the Campbells take matters into their own hands since the law is no longer on their side.

Another one of Karen Kingsbury's novels with captivating characters and a quick-moving plot, I couldn't put this one down after I picked it up. And while I couldn't imagine being in the same position as the Campbells,  I could imagine making the same decision if I was. I've never read one of Karen's stand-alone books (but I've read almost all of her series), but I'm glad I did. She develops the characters enough and allows the plot to run its course and ties it up into what I'd say is a pretty but nowhere near perfect package. 4 stars.

This book has also been made into a movie, which I'll be renting this week.


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  1. ACK I have been coveting the Karen Kingsbury books but haven't read one yet. This one sounds fantastic. Will you be posting your book vs movie findings?


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