April 25, 2011

Lucinda's Web by Dorothy Morrison

Lucinda's Web is a supernatural mystery full of witches, magic spells, reincarnation, and romance. It's the story of a Wiccan named Tess who is drawn to a mysterious grave in the cemetery near her home only to find herself up to her eyebrows in the aforementioned witches, magic spells, reincarnation, and romance.

Overall, Lucinda's Web is a decent, if predictable, late night shiver inducer. It leaves the reader feeling a little spooked, but sated. Underall, there are certainly flaws, but they are the sorts of flaws that can be easily overlooked if the reader is merely interested in some escapism.

Morrison's characters are odd in that they vacillate constantly between extremes of emotions. They laugh hysterically when a soft chuckle is in order, they wail like the world is imploding when a bit of eye misting would have been sufficient, they fly into murderous rages when mild irritation would have been a normal reaction. They also seem to forget about their day jobs a lot. Tess is supposed to be writing a book, but this book her livelihood depends upon is forgotten after the first couple of chapters. Her love interest is supposed to be running a newspaper, but the only bit of "news" that ever come up is the society page; Luke spends most of his time smoking, listening to the radio, arguing with his sister, and of course daydreaming about Tess. I would have liked to have seen their work more tied into the storyline.

The most interesting parts of the story are the magic and reincarnation, and that is where Morrison's strength seems to lie, as she is an active Wiccan herself. The characters experience past-life regressions and dreams and conversations with ancestors that make the reader wonder if people truly experience such things. And in the end, Morrison leaves no loose ends, but instead of tying those ends neatly, leaves them to dangle just out of the reader's reach. Of course now I want to know what could be next in the cards for Luke and Tess and their crazy circle of reincarnated friends and family.

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