April 4, 2011

After the Fire by Robin Gaby Fisher

There are times in each of our lives that we'll never forget. The moment you found out about planes crashing into the World Trade Center, the day Princess Diana died, etc. The moments that you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. After the Fire is about one of those moments for students at Seton Hall University in 2000 when a fire started in the middle of the night, killing three students and injuring a dozen others. After the Fire follows the true story of the struggles and triumphs of two of those students, Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons, as they recovered from the tragedy.

A book written by Gaby Fisher, a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, this book is extremely well written and gives you an insight into an event that many of us probably didn't even know happened. It's a somewhat difficult read, similar to Columbine, as you read through the true accounts of the boys' tough recovery, but if you're up for it, the value and message of finding hope and beauty when it seems like there is none, is worth the time it takes to get through the 200 pages.

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