February 6, 2011

What's He Really Thinking by Paula Rinehart

I was given What's He Really Thinking: How to Be A Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life as part of the Book Sneeze blog review program. Well I should clarify, I chose this book to read out of all of the books available because what woman doesn't want to understand the minds of the men in her life a little better. I was pretty excited to read this book to see what insights Paula Rinehart could teach me that would help me understand my husband specifically better.

This book is written to help women understand how men think, why they do what they do, and what they struggle with. Author Paula Rinehart uses her more than twenty years of counseling experience to help unlock the age-old mysteries of the male mind-set. She walks readers through a path of first understanding the men (helping to unlock those mysteries), then learning to love the men that you now understand.

This book was full of those insights that I so wanted, things like, "A propensity for doing, because it needs to be done and can be done, is the best of who a man is." If you really sit and think about it, I'm sure you can come up with numerous situations where a man in your life did something just because he could or because he felt the need to do something. Men are made for doing and I loved how Rinehart used this as the backbone of her book because it makes perfect sense to me. It helps me also to understand why when I don't allow men (okay who am I kidding, my husband) to help me, it makes them feel weak and unneeded. I may be an extremely independent woman but allowing my husband to be there for me and to feel needed as a part of my life can strengthen our relationship immensely.

Insights like that one really made me stop and think about what I can do to look at the picture from my husband's point of view and to make my decisions based on how the typical brain works. Another part of this book that I loved was how spiritual truths were littered throughout - Rinehart talks about praying for the men in your life and praying for ways you can understand and love him better. Marriage is a triangular relationship - you, your husband, and God. Without any of the three points the relationship is not as strong, and she gets that point across without it being too over the top.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read and was eye-opening for me in a lot of different ways. I would recommend it to anyone since like the book itself says, "If there is one universal in any woman's life it's this: she will always be relating to a man." 4 stars.

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