February 27, 2011

Mini Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella

I'm not ashamed to say that I love chick-lit. Especially British chick-lit. For me, the genre is an escape, and what is reading if not a way to escape?

So it should be no surprise that I read Mini Shopaholic. I've read the entire Shopaholic series, and I own four of the six books. I hated the movie, but I love -- LOVE -- the books.

This one was really no different.

Plot: Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) returns, this time with child. The novel follows her as she deals with a feisty toddler and busy husband in a time where the economy is crashing, she's living at home with her parents, and attempting to plan an extravagant surprise party for her husband Luke. Of course, she encounters the temptation to shop and overspend at every turn, and must talk her way out of more than one delicate situation.

Frankly, the plot was nothing special. Not ground-breaking, not thought-provoking. Some of the other books in the series have had better plots. But what makes it stand out is the writing. Kinsella has such a great way with humor and her humor is at its best in the Shopaholic books.

Characters: I love series books because they really allow you to dig in to the characters. And Becky Brandon is one of my favorite fictional characters. Sure, she gets into some pretty ridiculous predicaments. But that's what makes her so great. Trouble just follows her and the way she deals with it is so fantastical and outlandish that it's funny.

Structure: Chick-lit is an easy read. That doesn't make it bad. It makes reading a treat instead of a chore. It makes reading a true escape instead of a headache. Mini Shopaholic is no different. The chapters are short, the writing flows easily and I soaked up every last word. 5 stars.

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