February 20, 2011

California Schemin' by Kate George

What happens when you just can't stop finding dead bodies? Ask Bree MacGowan, a 30-something reporter who can't seem to leave trouble behind. Kate George's new novel California Schemin' follows Bree across the country from Vermont to California after she finds the body of her dead boss Vera. And as luck would have it, Bree finds yet another dead body as soon as she arrives in California.

The book is a fun and comedic look at Bree who is kidnapped and taken across the country by teddy bear sweet thugs, rescued by the FBI working with the thugs, and attacked yet again. As many times as she tries, and she tries quite a few, she just can't seem to win. A fun and easy to read story about a woman who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's definitely not one of those books that will keep you thinking late at night, but it did keep me entertained for the few hours it took me to read. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes comedic thrillers, similar to Devil's Food Cake by Josi Kilpatrick. Or anyone that is looking for a quick read and good laugh. 3 stars.

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