January 17, 2011

Stay With Me

"Stay With Me" by Sandra Rodriguez Barron begins very mysteriously and captures your interest from the very first page.  A luxury boat is found in a marina in Puerto Rico.  In the cabin, they find 5 toddlers and no parents.  Questions arrise such as "Who are these children?", "Where did they come from?", "Where are their parents?", "Are they related or siblings to each other?", "And what is they reason for the starfish drawing they each have on their hand?".  Not only did these questions stump the Puerto Rican authorities, but they continued to boggle the minds of the 5 for over 30 years.  

Although they were raised by different families, each being adopted and brought up in various parts of the States and Puerto Rico, they remained close and believed to be siblings.  When one of the 5, David, is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, he feels he needs to find out their true origins before time runs out.  You travel with this family and their journey to discovering that love is a beautiful choice.

Personally, I loved this book!  I thought it was interestingly written and kept me captivated from the beginning.  Barron does a wonderful job of bringing you into the book.  You can hear the Latin music and taste the flavors of the Caribbean.  Her imagery very vividly tells the story and you feel like you're actually there.   I laughed out loud, cried, and even found my jaw dropped on several occasions!  She writes in several different point of views throughout the book, thus allowing you to understand everyone's feelings, fears and anxieties that surround the story. Each character is unique and beautifully written.  And although some phrases of the book are in Spanish, Barron does a great job of translating throughout.   

To it's core, this is a love story... for a family.  4 stars. 

(Oh, and here's a fun fact:  Barron went to my alma mater, FIU!  Not that that makes me bias or anything.)

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