November 28, 2010

Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz

Have you ever seen something that's either so disturbing that you can't help but stare even if you know you shouldn't? Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz was that way for me. So disturbing that I felt like I should stop reading, but I just couldn't without finding out what really happened.

Drowning Ruth is written in modern lit fashion; the story is told from the perspectives of various narratives and in various timeframes. You get bits and pieces of life before a young woman named Mattie drowned, and you get bits and pieces of how life goes on for her sister Amanda, husband Carl, and daughter Ruth after.

The book is what I'd called a pyschological thriller as the author takes you back and forth trying to decide what really happened on that fateful night and how the lives of the characters will play out and how they will be connected to one another. I wouldn't say the ending was altogether unpredictable, but uncovering each piece of the puzzle was just as satisfying as being taken of a journey of twists and turns. And the end for me, unlike many books, was exactly what it should have been.

I would recommend this book if you're open to a little bit of disturbia and not afraid of getting into the lives of some truly twisted characters. 4 stars.

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