October 10, 2010

The Panic Zone, By Rick Mofina

I received a free copy of The Panic Zone to review.

This novel is the latest in Rick Mofina's series of thrillers featuring Jack Gannon, a reporter who is always getting himself in too deep.

This installment takes Gannon -- and you -- all over the globe in search of a new biological weapon that threatens to destroy mankind.

It's not often that I read thrillers, but when I do, I always seem to enjoy them.

Plot: The Panic Zone is fast-paced and keeps the reader entertained from the first words until the final period. At first it unfolds slowly, making the reader wonder how several seemingly unrelated catastrophes could actually be linked.

In due time, the pieces start falling in place and the pace picks up as Gannon closes in on the answers. The only thing that was somewhat of a downfall was the plot's climax. While thrilling, there was something about it that didn't have me rapidly turning the pages as I have in other novels in this genre. I can't quite pinpoint it -- maybe it was just because the climax and end of the story happened so fast, it was almost as if I didn't have time to wonder how things would turn out.

Characters: I will say there are a lot of characters. Jack Gannon is the main focus, but the secondary characters are plentiful and a little hard to keep up with, especially if you're like me and have trouble reading a lot in one sitting. Each time I put the book down, I got a little lost when I went to pick it back up again. But I was usually able to get back into it quickly. Jack Gannon is a likable protagonist who I pictured as young, ruggedly handsome, and just naive enough to get himself into the right kind of trouble -- you know, the kind of trouble that always leads to the truth.

Structure: The chapters were short, and there was rarely two chapters in a row that took place in the same location. This kept the plot moving and made it easy to put down and return to each night.

Overall, a great thriller with a wonderful central character. I'm looking forward to reading other Jack Gannon stories. 4 stars.

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