July 13, 2010

Finny, By Justin Kramon

Today, Finny goes on sale. I received an advance copy to review, and I have to say, it was pretty exciting to get my hands on something before anyone else!

While it took me a few chapters to dig in, I really enjoyed Finny. In fact, I’m thinking about recommending it for my book club because I’d love to talk about it with someone else. There were so many great scenes and interesting twists that the book just begs to be discussed.

Plot: Finny is a coming of age story surrounding a girl named (you guessed it!) Finny. We meet her when she’s a young girl, and follow her throughout her life. There are peaks and valleys as the story meanders through the decades. In fact, I wouldn’t say there’s a strong plot with a lead up and climax. Instead, it unfolds as life happens.

Through it all, Kramon’s scene writing is impeccable. There are moments that jump out and grab you – like watching Finny get reprimanded in her school headmaster’s office or seeing her spend a weekend in the Hamptons with a self-obsessed narcissist, her brother, and her gay friend.

Characters: Part of what makes the scenes stand out is Kramon’s eclectic cast of characters. There’s Finny, our anchor, but surrounding her are her self-obsessed best friend, her deep thinker of a father, a squat dorm matron named Poplan, and an on and off romance with a quiet boy named Earl. Each character’s flaws are apparent, and I was frequently disappointed in the way they each treated Finny. But that was the beauty of the story. The characters were real, and in the end I always forgave them, just as she did.

This is Kramon’s first book, and as so many other reviewers have said, it speaks of a long career. I give it 4.5 stars.

Check out the trailer for the book here.

Then go buy the book! Do it!!

Disclaimer -- while I did receive a free copy of the book, the review is all my own!


  1. THis sounds like a great read! I usually go for mysteries but love a good coming of age story.

  2. I agree. It sounds like a great read.


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