April 20, 2010

Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant

I was given a copy of Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant to review. The novel grabbed my interest from the very beginning of the book. I started the book before work, read on my lunch break and then picked it up as soon as I could that evening and finished it, in other words, I loved it.

Texas Roads
is a Christian novel about Dani Davis, a woman from the big city of Dallas who embarks on a trip to visit her aunt, that she has never met, in small town Miller's Creek, Texas. Dani is searching for a place to call home and for any type of peace after her father dies and her already unhappy marriage ends when her husband is killed in a car accident.

As she nears Miller's Creek, her car runs out of gas, she locks her keys in the car and a Texas rain storm makes the situation even worse. She is saved by a cowboy who she instantly alienates with her city attire and her sour attitude. She doesn't realize until she arrives at her aunt's home that the cowboy, Steve, is a pseudo son that watches over her aunt and she will have to work to change her first impression. As time goes by, the relationship with Steve goes through several bumps as they struggle with the tension and mistrust of each other as they develop a friendship.

During her stay in Miller's Creek, she falls in love with the town and wants to help revitalize the town, which has been struggling since the railroad cut the route through town. Just as she begins to feel peace and feel like she is needed, malicious rumors begin in town and she is alienated from the town and people she has grown to love. She continues to fight for the town but feels the pain of loneliness return.

Cathy Bryant has an exceptional writing style that skillfully develops lovable characters, highlights so many traditions of small town Texans, and tells a dramatic story of a woman who struggles with trust after being betrayed by her husband and searches for meaning in her life and a place to call home. The story is inspirational and very well written, I highly recommend it! 5 stars!

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review TEXAS ROADS. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.



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