April 12, 2010

Love Mercy by Lisa and Ty Samson

I was given Love Mercy by Lisa and Ty Samson to review as part of the Blog Tours. The back of the book says, "A Mother and Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God, having lived a life of plenty in suburban America, Lisa Samson and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Ty, thought they were traveling to Africa to minister to the people and chronicle the AIDS crisis devastating the continent. Their trip, they assumed, would be missional, merciful, giving. Instead, they experienced a life-changing, soul-rattling journey."

I really wanted to like this book and I feel heartless by writing this, but I just found this book boring and slow. While others may be touched by the stories of Lisa giving up her American dream to serve others all around her in the US and in Africa, I just never got into it. My favorite parts of the book were Ty's entries because they just felt more real to me. They were more like a journal entry of her experience rather than an analysis on the situation with AIDS in Africa or a sermon on not judging and following Christ.

Maybe it's because I'm more of a fiction girl myself or because it was chapter after chapter of stories about different people rather than the same ones, but I just never got into the book. It does have a lot of good information about it, good ideas, and good writing though so I'll still give it 3 stars. But would I recommend it? Not unless you're planning on giving up your daily life to serve others or are particularly interested in Africa, which I'm not.

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  1. Thank you for your honest review.
    I also give it a 3.
    My review is up, if you would like to read it.


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