November 9, 2009

White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner

I'm in Turkey this week, so this review was pre-written!

I received Susan Meissner's White Picket Fences from Multnomah Books for review. From what I had read, I assumed that it'd be your typical hardened-teenager-who-finally-sees-the-truth-thanks-to-caring-adults story.

Really, White Picket Fences is nothing like that. First of all, the story really isn't about the teenager abandoned teenager, Tally, who is left to live with her grandma who passes away after a few days. No, the story is about her cousin and his parents who she goes to live with.

Tally's aunt and uncle and their two children live in a typical modern-day uburban home and have the idyllic family life. Or at least, that's what it looks like. Really, a secret from 17yo Chase's childhood is splintering the relationships in the family, even while Chase and Tally discover more of their family's history, a history they discover from talking to a couple Holocaust survivors.

I feel like I'm doing a poor job describing this book, but really, what I liked about it was that it made me feel. The pain and the healing that this family experiences seemed incredibly real as Meissner beautifully paints the story for her readers.

I've been reading a lot of fiction books lately, and this one would definitely is one of the best. I definitely recommend you check it out if you enjoy books on family issues or the Holocaust.

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