November 2, 2009

A Twilight Review by a Non-Twilighter

I know that I might be stepping into something here. Still, I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer for the first time and can't help but share my thoughts.

First, I have to admit my bias. I knew that I'd likely not like this book since I don't like vampire-books/movies/shows and I don't like (cheesy) romance, either. Perhaps it's like can't fall to it if you don't believe in it.

Still, I didn't fall under Twilight's spell, which is what everyone said would happen if I just took the time to read it. Though the book moved along at a decent pace and I didn't dislike reading it, I didn't find it to be anything special. Like I told a friend, I feel like Meyer's writing is about on the level of mine...nothing spectacular. Though I want to try my hand at writing fiction, I believe that at heart I'm more of a reader. Meyer might be the same way. Her writing was adequate, but nothing literary...there were no sentences that evoked anything within me (except for a gag a couple of times, but that's more an issue of plot), no evidence of the laboring until she found the just-right word.

So, I now can say what I've thought all along. I see nothing wrong with reading the Twilight series, but to those who read them I want to be perfectly clear:

There are better things out there.


  1. I agree on all points. However, while the writing isn't unique or especially thought provoking, it does somehow suck the reader in. Upon re-reading it, I realized that there's really no chemistry between Edward and Bella at all; in fact all they talk about is being in love. They go straight from strangers to star-crossed lovers with no in between, and I always find that in-between part necessary. But the reader falls in love with Edward. In later books I fell out of love with him and in love with Jacob. The last book, Breaking Dawn, is the best in my opinion, and the only one in which Bella is likeable. It all ends in a hopeful, sort of euphoric way.

  2. It's all down hill from here! Yep, that was the best of the bunch :) Like Memarie Lane, I fell in love with Jacob, who was the most compelling character in the series I thought. Though by Breaking Dawn, even that character was ruined. Unlike Memarie Lane, I found Breaking Dawn to be the worst of the bunch, though I suspect I'm in the minority based.

    I've been pretty vocal about my dislike of the series, but being a glutton for punishment, I read Meyer's stand alone novel The Host. Turns out, it was much more palatable. The writing was still nothing special, but the story was more engaging. Same quick pacing/quick read as Twilight, but more parts that actually made me stop and think. I don't know how many people who haven't enjoyed Twilight would delve into a different one of her novels, so I thought I would throw it out there that I'm someone who disliked Twilight by enjoyed The Host.

  3. Yeah, I really did like Jacob, though he's not in Twilight that much. I don't get the falling in love with Edward thing (by Bella OR the reader). He was just creepy and standoffish. The only characters I liked were Alice and Jacob.

  4. Amen! I just don't get it. I read all of them at the request of my younger sister who thinks they're "awesome". What a waste of 2000 pages of my life.

  5. Amen. Amen. And, Amen. And, unlike true Twilight fans, I liked Breaking Dawn the best. Vampire Bella was so much more likeable than Human Bella.

    I don't get the hype over it all. They're ok if you want pure pop trash fluffy escapist reading. But, everyone who calls them literature and thinks that they're so good, just gets sucked into the melodrama. Frankly, I've read fan fiction that was better written. And, I'm sorry: Bella is no heroine and Edward no hero.

    I actually enjoyed The Host. There was more depth there; something that was sorely lacking in the Twilight series.

    You're right. There are definitely better things out there.


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