November 22, 2009

Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield (My God and an iPod on the Open Road)

This book has been on my shelf to review for the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers since May. I cannot believe I left it there that long.

Ken Mansfield is a Grammy winning producer and author of multiple books about his experiences. Between Wyomings is his newest book. It follows him and his wife through a 3-month road trip down memory lane. As they drive across the country visiting the places important to his life and listening to his iPod, he relates stories from his experience in the music industry. From stories about Ringo Starr coming over for Thanksgiving to helping Don Ho produce his best album, and working with the Beatles for years, Mansfield provides personal insights into the lives of the musicians and their somewhat famous producer. Intertwined with these musical insights are meditations and reflections on Mansfield's relationship with God, all written with musical terms.

I was fascinated by the writing in this book and its stories. I'm a music person, and I loved reading about the small details of how a particular song or album came together. And about how a certain song playing on Mansfield's iPod made him remember a certain experience because I'm the same way. I feel like almost every song is tied to a memory in some way and love to relive them through the music. I also loved the intermingling of personal reflections and explanations of Mansfield's journey in finding God with the help of his wife Connie. His writing throughout the book, whether talking about God or music, is written with musically eloquent terms that read like a piece of great music is played.

I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to learn more about his life and adventures. Thankfully the book is broken into small sections with stories laced into the individual sections so I could pick the book up, read a section, and do something else. Overall I loved this book and will probably pick up his other books if given the chance. I recommend this book to anyone that likes music and well written stories. 4 stars.

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