August 21, 2009

Murder on the Down Low ($25 Giveaway) by Pamela Samuels Young

I haven't had a chance to read this book yet but it's on my nightstand (I just got it) waiting to be read. Based on the back cover I'm excited to read it but just didn't have time before this blog tour. I will post a full review of the book later but for now, here's a quick synopsis-
A high-profile lawsuit erupts into chaos, revealing its place in a larger spree of violence in this scandalous tale of lust, lies, and vengeance. A brazen gunman is targeting prominent African American men on the streets of Los Angeles, and police are completely baffled. At the same time, savvy big-firm attorney Vernetta Henderson and her outrageous sidekick, Special, lead the charge for revenge against a man whose deceit caused his fiancĂ©e’s death. For Special, hauling the man into court and suing him for wrongful death just isn’t good enough. While she exacts her own brand of justice, a shocking revelation connects the contentious lawsuit and the puzzling murders.

Maybe it was the whole high-profile lawyer thing or the murder and mystery that sucked me in, but I'm excited to read this book. If you didn't know already, I love legal thrillers (hence Jodi Picoult being one of my favorite authors), and this is supposed to be a pretty good one. So once I have time to read this book, I will definitely post a full review. But for now, you can check out the reviews on Amazon.
The back cover sucked me in. What makes you want to read a book? Leave me a comment telling me what makes you want to read a book and you'll be entered in a giveaway for an autographed copy of the book and a $25 gift card from Pamela.


  1. There are so many things that can make we want to read a book — setting, particular quirks, author, genre (not an exhaustive list, of course). I remember thinking I wanted to read this book.

  2. What makes me want to read a book- thickness means a lot, sometimes I want a big fat one that will last me awhile and sometimes I want something more lightweight. Recommendations of friends and reviewers also have a big impact on me. Previous experience with a writer will almost guarantee whether or not I read more from them.

  3. If there is suspense and maybe a bit of love involved, I want to read it. If the back cover blurb also involves politics or the military, it will most likely jump to the top of my "to read" list.

  4. I really don't need a reason to read a book! LOL I'm an avid reader, so I've always got a book with me. Reading is my way of life and my brief escape from the problems of this world. My favorite genres are romance, Christian fiction, mystery & suspense.

  5. What makes me want to read a book are the storyline and ease of reading. I love to read anything!
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Thanks, Britni, for participating in the blog tour. I look forward to your thoughts on Murder on the Down Low.

  7. Britni,

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog and introducing me to your readers!

    My fourth novel, Buying Time, goes to the printer next week. I'm still revising. So hard to let it go! You can find it in stores November 1st.

    If any of you belong to book clubs, I would love to attend your book club meeting via speakerphone, telephone or webcam. You can email me at

    Happy reading!

    Pamela Samuels Young


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