July 19, 2009

The Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury

Back in April I reviewed the Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury. The Firstborn Series is the series that follows those ones. I don't know which ones I liked more as they are are similar but different. While the Redemption Series follows a normal small-town family through their daily life, the Firstborn Series follows a famous movie star and his struggle to live the small-town family life. I devoured both sets of books quickly and luckily was able to pick up all but one of the books on PaperBackSwap. So I guess I won't choose my favorite, just say that I loved them both.

The Firstborn Series follows Dayne Matthews, Hollywood's leading man and heartthrob in his quest to find his family, love, and an escape from the fame that is his life. He finds all of those things in the form of Katy Hart, a small-town Christian kids theater director. The series consists of five books: Fame, Forgiven, Found, Family, and Forever and each book has a different purpose and theme behind it (hence the titles). I'd have to say my favorite of the five books was probably Forgiven, but you can't really read one without the other. And you can't really read any of them without starting out with the Redemption Series. Or at least I wouldn't recommend it.

Kingsbury is an amazing story-teller and really takes you into the life of her characters so much that by the end you feel like they're friends. I only wish that someone had made a movie of these books so I could have the images played out in my mind actually in front of me. The story lines are very realistic (e.g., celebrities dealing with paparazzi, a widower trying to get over the loss of his wife, a young couple trying to make it through the stresses of law school) and things that we can all relate to- life, love, and loss. Like the Redemption Series, I would recommend these books to anyone and everyone. But only start reading them if you have time to finish them. I read two books in one night (and had to get up for work the next day) because I had to know what happened to Dayne and Katy next. Or just buy one book at a time and not all five. Enjoy.


  1. I know - I know.... I have heard this and have yet to read her. I have two of her books on my shelf.... well, not currently as I just lent them out.... they are something called One Monday Morning or something like that. There are two of them. I believe they are centered around 9 1 1.

    I will read them. Just havent got there. :)

  2. I am going to post about this on my blog, One Persons Journey Through a World of Books. You got me thinking this morning....

    Love the post and your blog!

  3. i just finished the redemption series and am waiting for the firstborn series to arrive at my front door. these books are fabulous!!!! i can't wait to read through all of these books...all the way to take four!


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