June 30, 2009

Katka by Stephen R. Meier

Katka is a novella, only 107 pages long, but that was long enough for me. There's not a whole lot to this story. The plot is simple- Gavin, Katka (Gavin's girlfriend), and Simona (Katka's best friend) are involved in a mail order bride scam business in the Czech Republic. Gavin and Katka plan the ultimate scam on an American man by sending Katka with him. She's supposed to get away from him in the airport and doesn't. The book is about Gavin dealing with the aftermath of selling his one true love.

Though the plot is simple, the writing technique is complex. Meier takes the reader back and forth between past and present to build the storyline and fill in any missing gaps, and that itself is fascinating. There's a happy ending, but a predictable. If you can get past the F word every other sentence and all of the sex (these are mail-order brides after all), the story and writing is decent. 2.5 stars.

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  1. Glad to share the same opinion about the author's tecnique,I enjoyied reading Katka in a day for the creative, skilled and intriguing style of narration. Mr Meier spins an engrossing, entertaining tale of greed,deception, sex and love, the dialogues are fizzing with energy, the characters are deeply human in their weakness, ambitions and desires.


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